What's the REAL Story on S*E*X in the NFL?

We've all heard the legendary stories of wild sex-crazed parties professional athletes enjoy (remember the Minnesota Vikings' "sex boat" scandal? Or Brett Favre's notorious "sexting" escapade?), but what's the real story? Do NFL players - and other professional athletes - REALLY go as buck wild and chase women as much as they're reputed to do? Is there such a thing as marital fidelity when a woman gets hitched to a professional athlete? And what about those so-called "jock-sniffers" - women whose only objective is to bed professional athletes in the hopes of getting pregnant?

Our panel discusses these and other salacious topics relating to professional athletes and sex on this week's episode of The Point with Ana Kasparian.

Host: Ana Kasparian

Ben Mankiewicz: Co-host - TYT Sports, What the Flick?!
Drew Carter: Actor, Former NFL Player
Heather Ankeny: Producer, Actress, Co-host - The Edge with Mark Thompson

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