Funny facts about Leatherhead

Funny facts about Leatherhead

Anglo-Saxon is said to be the origin of leatherhead. The museum in leatherhead is also traced back to the history of the town about 880 AD when it was formerly called Leodridan that means “the place where you can ride across the river. Sounds like a funny name isn’t it?, this really paints the town as cliché to some people. Much later in the Domesday Book of 1086 it was called Leret. Later forms was recorded as “Lereda”, “Ladreda”, “Leddrede”, (so many names for just single a place) before the name Leatherhead came to stay. There are many fun facts about Leatherhead, I have outlined some of them in this article.

Funny facts about Leatherhead

One thing that made leatherhead popular is, it was a home for the first woman who dared to suggest conception could be avoided when having sex. She was the founder of the first birth control clinic in Britain and wrote an unusual “sex manual” in the early 1900s that brought the subject of birth control to limelight. 

A notable celebrity like Tom Felton who went to Howard of Effingham School in leatherhead was in the great movie Harry Potter. He may have ventured into dark arts in his role in the movie, but trust me he is one of the good guys. He supports the annual Leatherhead’s Drama Festival that draws crowd from far and near.

Leatherhead animals are sacred. The Leatherhead’s Wildlife Aid Foundation is a popular veterinary hospital and charity that takes the pain of not only bringing all creatures (both great and small) from the brink after they have been rescued, but also takes interesting pictures of each and every one on these animals. This is done so everyone can see the beauty of these historic animals. This act in Leatherhead makes the health of its wildlife to be maintained free of charge.

There is a popular pub named Edmund Tylney pub in leatherhead that was named after the man who organized a royal entertainment for Queen Elizabeth 1, known as the master of the revels (it made him sound like an expert eater of ball-shaped chocolate snack).

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The Thorncroft Manor in Leatherhead is also assumed to have been the idea behind the Hartfield mansion from Jane Austen’s Emma.

If you want to have a good laugh, “The Star” is a well-known live comedy place in Leatherhead. Located at Kingston road, Leatherhead KT22 0DP. So many acts are lined up for you there for your listening pleasure. The house of stand-up comedy also holds a comedy night event in Leatherhead, the last one was done in Nov 2018 with popular acts like Bobby Davro (one of UK’s most experienced and versatile celebrity comedians today), David Ward, Ben Clover, Tom Smith, Stefano Paolini and more. Though it was a fundraising night of stand-up comedy it main purpose was fulfilled. As we know, laughter is a good way to attract new customers, increase business revenue and boost charity fundraising event.   

Epsom playhouse and the Dorking Halls & Cinema have a whole bunch of comedy shows lined up for this year in particular.