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Common Motorcycle Accessories You Should Have

If you ride a motorcycle, you know that no two rides are ever the same. Your bike is an extension of yourself and your personality, which means it deserves to be maintained with the same care and attention as any other part of your life. But when it comes to accessories—the little things that make riding more enjoyable—it can be easy to forget about them or simply not have enough money in your budget to buy them.

That’s why we compiled this list of common accessories for motorcyclists: they’re simple additions that can help make every journey more comfortable, fun, or safe. From exhaust systems and windscreen wind deflectors to handlebar bags and saddlebags (or just about anything else), these are the essentials every rider needs!

Motorcycle exhaust

  • Stainless steel exhausts are a must-have for any motorcycle.
  • They come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can find one that fits your bike perfectly.
  • Exhausts are available in both straight pipes and full systems, which include mufflers and other components that help reduce engine noise. A straight pipe provides the rawest sound while a full system is designed to be quieter at highway speeds but still sound great when you’re cruising around town or having fun on the back roads.
  • You can install an exhaust yourself if you have some basic mechanical skills or ask a friend who knows what they’re doing to help out with the installation. The process shouldn’t take more than half an hour if everything goes well—and it’s definitely worth the effort! Installing an aftermarket exhaust will give your motorcycle increased power output as well as better performance during acceleration, which means it’ll feel like you’ve got extra horsepower under your seat!

Windscreen wind deflectors

A windscreen is the most common form of the windshield, and it does exactly what its name implies: it provides protection from the wind. The windscreen is great for protecting your face from the cold or even hot air that can blow into your helmet and cause discomfort. It also prevents your helmet from flapping in the wind, which can be annoying when you’re trying to stay focused on riding safely. Additionally, some people are able to use these accessories as a means to keep their helmets on their heads while they ride. If you don’t have one already, we suggest getting either a clear or tinted version so that it doesn’t interfere with visibility too much—though there are some that have built-in visors as well!

These windshields are easy to install; many come with hardware that helps them attach firmly onto handlebars or headlights (depending on what type of vehicle).

Handlebar bag

When it comes to motorcycle accessories, there’s one that stands above all others: the handlebar bag. It’s a must-have for any rider looking to carry their belongings with them on their bike.

  • Convenient storage space: A handlebar bag is a convenient place to store your phone, wallet, keys, and other valuables while riding. The size of these bags allows you to fit an impressive number of items in them so you can leave the rest of your bulky pockets empty and free up more space on your back for other things like jackets or rain gear.
  • Easy access: Since most handlebar bags are located near the rider’s hand position, they’re easier than saddlebags at letting you reach into them when needed (you won’t have to pull over as often). Plus, unlike saddlebags which require opening flaps and closing latches each time they’re opened/closed (not fun!), a handlebar bag will remain securely closed unless intentionally opened by its owner—no fumbling around with zippers here!


You can choose from a wide variety of saddle bags, from smaller models that are designed simply to carry a few items or large ones that can hold your entire wardrobe. It all depends on what you need and how much room you have on the back of your bike.

The first step in choosing a saddle bag is determining where you want it to be positioned. There are many options:

  • Front – This is probably the most common place for a saddle bag because it’s easy to reach when riding and keeps weight off the rear wheel. However, some people find this position distracting when they turn corners because they can see the whole bag swinging back and forth as they’re turning their handlebars with one hand.
  • Rear – Easily accessible while sitting down on the bike with both feet firmly planted on the ground, this option offers more stability compared with front-mounting but might be less convenient than having access right away without having to lean forward or crouch over awkwardly just so that you could pull out something like an umbrella when needed (which would definitely happen if you were using an item stored inside).
  • Middle – If there isn’t enough space between either side of your vehicle then consider putting all items within reach behind one another instead; this way everything won’t get crushed together too tightly if someone bumps into them accidentally (which happens quite often).

Rider backrest, center stand, and highway pegs


If you’re going to be spending a lot of time on your motorcycle, then you might want to consider purchasing a backrest. This accessory can help you sit up more and give yourself more support while riding. It’s also useful if your bike has a tall seat, like some cruisers do! Center Stand

Highway pegs are an excellent choice for adding comfort to the ride. They allow the rider’s feet to rest on two platforms that stick out from either side of the bike to keep them at ease when traveling long distances or heading into traffic jams. These aren’t necessary but they’re great if they fit well with what type of riding experience you want!

A passenger backrest, armrests, and sissy bar

A passenger backrest, armrests, and sissy bar

The sissy bar is a frame that attaches to the rear of the motorcycle seat. It provides extra support for your passenger, so they don’t have to hold themselves up with their arms. It also provides a comfortable place to rest your legs if you have short legs or have difficulty sitting on your stock bike seat. The armrests are used to support your arms while riding, so they don’t tire out as quickly! You can also use them when stopped at traffic lights (or stop signs) so that you don’t fall off when getting off/on again!

Motorcycle footpegs and footpeg lowering kits

Motorcycle foot pegs are a great way to keep your feet off the ground, but they can make it difficult for you to reach the ground with your feet. In some cases, this is uncomfortable; in others, it’s unsafe. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution: lowering kits!

A lowering kit does just what its name suggests—it lowers the height at which your foot peg rests on your bike’s swingarm (the part of the frame that connects to both wheels). The best part? They’re cheap and easy to install!

Motorcycle phone mount, tank bag, seat bag, and handlebar bag

You may have already noticed that your motorcycle doesn’t have a lot of storage space. That’s why you should add some accessories to the bike, such as a phone mount, tank bag, seat bag, and handlebar bag. These accessories give you more room for your personal belongings on your ride.

You can find them in any motorcycle store or online—just make sure they are made specifically for your bike so they fit snugly against the frame, so they don’t shake around while you’re riding. Some even include extra pockets where you can keep emergency supplies like water bottles or snacks (but remember it’s always best practice not to ride with food in your mouth).

The most important thing about these items is installation! It’s crucial to have this done correctly because otherwise there could be safety issues or problems with other parts of the vehicle itself not working properly if installed incorrectly (like causing damage).

These accessories will allow you to enjoy your motorcycle even more.

You can use these accessories to make your motorcycle more comfortable, functional, and safe. The added comfort will allow you to ride longer without getting tired and the functionality will make it easier for you when it comes time to perform maintenance on your motorcycle. These are just some of the reasons why it’s important to invest in these accessories.

  • Seat (or seat cover)
  • Windscreen/luggage rack/handlebar riser
  • Rearview mirror

With these motorcycle accessories, you’ll be able to enjoy your bike even more. You may visit our website for more information about sw motech handlebar risers and sw motech skid plate.

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