A Guide to Esports Bet Types – Infographic

Professional video game players compete against one another in electronic sports, sometimes called esports, for cash prizes and recognition. Numerous groups organize and hold these events, like SG online casino—frequently including well-known video games. Due to its widespread appeal, esports is now a recognized sector for online betting in Singapore and other countries.

If you want to try your luck in an online casino in Singapore and bet on your favorite players, you should at least know the different esports bet types. Here are some of the most well-liked esports bet sorts you can try in a Singapore casino to aid you.

Match and Tournament Winner

The match-winner bet is likely the most well-known kind of esports wager. This is a simple betting option where users predict the winning team or player in a match, and if their guess is accurate, they win their wager.

Another well-known option for many esports bettors is to wager on the tournament winner. It can be challenging to predict who will win an esports tournament, just like traditional sports betting. However, performing a thorough study can result in you taking home a respectable profit.

Prop Bets

The prop bet is another typical esports wager type. Prop bets are wagers placed on certain game-related events, such as the number of kills a player will record or the time it will take a team to complete a specified task. These bets are intricate, and accurate predictions require a thorough knowledge of the game’s rules and mechanics.

Specific/Special Bets

Other wagers are particular to certain games or competitions. For instance, players can wager on which team will destroy the first structure or which players will draw first blood in the well-known MOBA games DOTA2 and League of Legends. To make accurate predictions, one must thoroughly understand the game and its rules because these bets are frequently reasonably complicated. Look at this infographic by CM2Bet to learn more about esports and online casinos.

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