How to Buy Defi on Binance

If you’re wondering how to buy Defi on Binance, you’re not alone. Several people have had trouble buying DeFi before, but there’s a simple method to make the transaction happen without much hassle. You’ll find this article helpful in learning how to buy DeFi on Binance and how to trade it successfully. You can also read our guide on the differences between Aave and Light DeFi and how to make a Uniswap.

Defi Swap

Defi Swap on Binance is the first DeFi exchange in the world to support DEFC, the native token of the company. The DEFC generates passive income for its holders via a 10% fee levied on buying and selling the token. Half of that fee is distributed to other DEFC holders as a ‘dividend’. The exchange will also have a section for collecting non-fungible tokens and market data.


Uniswap is a decentralized exchange that distributes 0.3 percent of its exchange fees to its liquidity providers. Uniswap is the fourth largest decentralized exchange globally and has already set precedents in the blockchain space. The UNI token is a native of the Uniswap DEX and gives investors the power to determine the future of the DeFi network.

Light DeFi

If you’re looking to buy Light DeFi on Binance, you’ll first need to connect your wallet to the DEX. Once connected, the website will display your BNB and LIGHT balances. From there, you can submit a withdrawal request and verify it using your Binance account. If you’re not in the country where Light is currently listed, you can still buy it through other exchanges like Coinbase or GDAX.


The Aave protocol is one of the leading DeFi protocols in the world. Decentralized finance is a concept that brings traditional financial services onto a decentralized blockchain, eliminating the need for third-party intermediaries. Most DeFi services have been developed over the Ethereum blockchain. In addition to facilitating decentralized financial services, Aave allows users to interact with other AAVE holders. Unlike traditional loan programs, Aave allows users to earn interest on their loans by paying with AAVE, its native token.

Binance Defi Wallet

Purchasing Defi on Binance is possible with the help of the defi wallet. A decentralized web3 wallet, the Binance Defi Wallet is included within the Binance app and is accessible via the Marketplace. This wallet will limit transfers to the Binance CEX spot wallet and removes the need for copy-paste. In addition, the wallet will make entry into the Defi Market simple.

Flash loans on Aave

Before buying Defi on Binance, you must first understand what it is. The Defi coin is an asset that is a part of the aave protocol. The Aave token is like the share of a company. The owner of the token has the ability to vote for improvements to the protocol. Defi is also an interest-bearing token issued to lenders. These tokens accrue interest directly in the user’s wallet and are pegged to the value of the underlying asset.

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