What are the Disadvantages of DIY Window Tinting?

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Window tinting in Fullerton CA is popular because of the benefits it can provide for car owners. But, at the same time, installing tints on car windows is an expensive service. With that in mind, others opt for do-it-yourself (DIY) film installation to save money.

DIY is indeed practical and cheaper than car tinting Fullerton CA deals for individuals with a tight budget. If done correctly, it can provide the same advantages as the typical window tinting. However, the opposite can happen once the process is done without prior knowledge and expertise.

The following are the possible outcomes of putting cheaper tints in car windows:

Less Effective against UV Rays

One of the pros of buying window tints is their ability to block harmful ultraviolet (UV) light. Scientific studies found that prolonged exposure to sunlight can be detrimental to our skin. High-quality and perfectly installed window films can block UV rays 99.9%.

Cheaper tints give lesser protection than high-quality ones and wane faster. This makes low-quality tint types a liability, exposing the driver and passengers to the sun. The vehicle’s upholstery is also affected as it fades more quickly.

Turn the Car Old-Looking

Cheaper window films can make cars look classy and sophisticated, though, in the early days after installation. Once exposed to the sun, the low-priced tints will eventually fade and peel. Bubble formation in the window surface is also likely to occur, which can ruin the car’s exterior view.

The benefit of purchasing premium tints and letting a highly-respected window tinting company do the job is this can guarantee the films last for years or even exceed their lifespan.

Liability for Robberies and Accidents

During burglary and accidents, premium tints can become an asset to protect the people and their belongings inside the car.

A few scratches are enough to alert the car owner if thieves try to make a forced entry. On the other hand, the adhesive in window films can hold shattered glasses from scattering and probably injure everyone if something hard smashes the window. However, low-quality tints have thin layers that cannot do the same.

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