AP Human Geography Exam: Your Questions Answered

Ivy League schools have been getting more competitive each year, making it extra challenging for students to succeed in their college admissions. In 2021, the UPenn acceptance rate was 9.2%, while Brown’s was 8.3%. These figures saw a significant drop in the following year, with UPenn’s overall acceptance at 8.4%. On the other hand, the Brown acceptance rate for 2022 was 7.2%.

Given the information above, it is no surprise that high school students want to improve their academic performance significantly. Getting excellent marks on their records and possessing outstanding skills play a crucial role in one’s journey toward college.

Ivy League schools

In addition, many also choose to take Advanced Placement (AP) courses and ace their corresponding exams. Taking these classes gives high school students a glimpse of the academic expectations they can potentially encounter once they are enrolled in college.

Of all the AP exams offered by the College Board, the AP Human Geography test is one of the most popular choices for independent learners. Students who choose to self-study can still take the examinations without enrolling in the courses. Nevertheless, they are especially advised to review the critical course skills since they do not have direct experience with the AP Human Geography classes.

Typically, the tests will assess the students on the following skills:

  • Processes
  • Concepts
  • Spatial relationships
  • Data analysis
  • Source analysis
  • Scale analysis

They also usually cover topics surrounding agriculture, cultural patterns, and geography.

It is important to note that the AP examinations are unlike other standard tests offered multiple times throughout the year. The AP exams are available to take only on one calendar day annually. Therefore, students must plan their route to the testing facility before their schedule and allow themselves to have enough time to arrive punctually.

Suppose students have further queries about the AP Human Geography Exam. In that case, they can rely on reputable Ivy League and college admissions consulting companies like AdmissionSight to help them with the process.

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