Tips for Starting a Business Podcast

Thinking of starting a business podcast?

As a business owner, you understand that overseeing an organization entails several responsibilities like developing goals, creating and implementing business plans, and meeting financial objectives. 

Apart from that, you also want to increase brand awareness and stay on top of the competition. One of the most creative and engaging methods is conducting a podcast about starting a business. Podcasts are an excellent way to attract and engage audiences. 

As an entrepreneur thinking of starting a podcast, it is essential to research and look into some of the best business podcasts to learn how to manage one. 

All things considered, here are a few tips for starting your business podcast. 

  • Know what content you want to post. Before giving your podcast a name, it is essential to determine what the focus of your podcast will be. Creating great content will always be valuable to your target audience. 
  • Plan and prepare your topics of discussion. Consider the length of time a particular topic will take and outline or segment accordingly. It may also help to write a script. 
  • Be careful when selecting music and sound effects to place on your content. While they can add a layer of pizzaz to your podcast, they can also be distracting, especially on the listeners’ end. They might find it challenging to hear your voice with very loud music. 
  • Having your podcast listed on various podcast directories, such as Google Podcasts or Apple Podcasts, can help you reach a larger audience and possibly turn them into regular listeners. 
  • Consider having guests on your show. Inviting various entrepreneurs and CEOs allows you to share a wide range of experiences. It would help if you choose your guests based on the unique perspectives they can provide to the podcast.

Ready to start your business podcast?

David Vs. Goliath is a business podcast hosted by Adam DeGraide, which features some of the top small business CEO’s stories and interesting business topics.

Listen to David Vs. Goliath at for more business-related topics and matters.

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