What Signs are Needed to Consult a Psychiatrist?

While determining when to consult a psychiatrist may seem like an unfortunate thing to do, there are some situations in that one can’t simply shake off the need to ask for professional help. The growing stigma regarding mental health here in the Philippines and other parts of the world needs to break, and for this reason, people are starting to speak up about it.


When unsure about a person’s mental state, one should not attempt to self-diagnose a mental disorder or think of symptoms as a sign of illness. Instead, you should be aware of any changes in your behavior, emotions, or thought patterns. These changes may signal a need for a consultation with a mental health professional.


Here are some signs that might make you want to check on your mental health and consult with a Psychiatrist in Makati or other parts of the PH.


Poor Work Performance

 People suffering from emotional problems can experience poor work performance, lack of concentration, difficulty completing work reports, and low productivity. Those who have emotional disorders may lose respect from coworkers and managers. 


The sooner you get help, the better. If you don’t, your situation could worsen, and you will be unable to function in the social circles you belong in.


Frequent temper tantrums and nightmares.

 These may be common behaviors among younger children who happen to suffer from bullying at school, but they can also occur to adults sooner or later in their lives.


The symptoms of a mental illness can make it difficult to function at work and in relationships. Often, even neurologists in Taguig say that these symptoms are sometimes not visible but can make it difficult to cope with daily life. If you’re not sure when to see a psychiatrist, a counselor or psychologist can help. Untreated behavioral problems can lead to personality disorders in adulthood. If these signs are present, it’s time to seek a professional’s help.



 If you are a non-social person and feel isolated from other people, you might be suffering from depression or anxiety. If you are experiencing depression or anxiety symptoms, you should visit a mental health specialist to evaluate your current life situation thoroughly. 


It’s not a sign of weakness to seek help, but it can be a sign to prevent further repercussions in one’s mental state.


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