Progression of TV Technologies

Televisions in the modern age are not static entities but are constantly evolving and changing and the progression of TV technology is an ever-present phenomenon. The advancement of LCD, or Plasma televisions, DLP, LED, etc. is gradual but the pace is increasing by the day with new technological advances. We can take a look at some of the advancements in LCD and Plasma technology over the past few decades, which have led to the creation of a new class of television displays.

A few decades back LED and LCD TVs were state-of-the-art home theater units that offered extremely crisp and clear picture quality. But the advent of HDTV and High Definition Picture viewing has made a big impact on the industry and changed the face of television viewing forever. Today, we have LCD, LED, Plasma, and CRT TVs that offer amazingly crisp pictures and sound to our television screens. The advent of Digital Video Recorders has made the process of recording shows on DVD and transferring them to disks much faster and easier and this is another advancement that has taken place over the years.

Another advancement that took place in the field of television technology was the introduction of DVR technology. This digital video recorder was a real boon to households as it could record the entire television series and watch them at a later time without losing any progress of the program in the recording process. The evolution of digital technology has been a gradual one, and we can safely say that the coming of HDTV and High Definition Picture viewing has marked the arrival of the next era in television technology. This era will continue to grow and will introduce new and improved technology in every area including the creation of new HDTV features and more efficient systems that use less power during the recording process. Check this link for more on

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