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What is workplace COVID-19 testing?

Aside from being a global health emergency that affected millions of people, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic led to severe economic consequences worldwide, affecting businesses and other industry sectors.

Businesses are continuously struggling to address concerns relating to employees contracting the COVID-19. Employers are implementing measures on how to safeguard their employees and the continuity of their business operations.

The most apparent solution that can mitigate the risk of an outbreak would be COVID-19 workplace testing. There are two diagnostic types of COVID-19 tests, both of which can tell if a person has an active infection.

The polymerase chain reaction or PCR test is perhaps the most known test since COVID-19 testing is administered to the public. Regarded as the “gold standard” as it can produce the most accurate result in identifying an infected individual, it is performed by detecting the genetic material from an organism such as a virus.

Another type of COVID-19 test is the Rapid antigen test that detects the coronavirus’s protein fragments, which can be done in a clinic, doctor’s office, or hospital. Results are usually very quick and can be reported in less than 15 minutes than PCR tests that take the turnaround time of 2-3 day range.

However, the rapid antigen test is less accurate than the PCR test as it is likely to miss an active infection. Nevertheless, many prefer this test as it is relatively cheaper and useful in screening large numbers of people like in airports.

Both of the said tests are requirements before an individual is permitted to travel. When you take a Glasgow PCR test, a fit-to-fly certificate will be issued, which will then serve as proof that you have no active coronavirus infection and therefore are allowed and ready to travel.

For more information about workplace COVID-19 testing, read this infographic by Harley Medic International, which also offers PCR Test London.

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