Commitment reinforces trust. When there is dependency, the confinement and foundation of a relationship strengthen. Promising a specific task to someone is easy. Supplementing one’s hopes is uncomplicated. The only tricky thing in commitment is the process of perpetrating. 


This fact alone was proven and tested by the experts, but what are the common causes of commitment phobia?


Sex is a divine intervention that is effortlessly being given nowadays. Most of the time, there is no more intimacy, but there is only lust. A lewd affection that is supposed to be meaningful and emotional lacks it. Intercourse is becoming a business for others, rating themselves with tens to hundreds of bucks to earn money. One can even deal with their friend or a stranger they met in a club to have a one-night stand.


For this reason, it is easy to get laid or have sex with someone; however, it is challenging to commit and undyingly love another. Completely understanding one’s depths and accepting their flaws as they go along their journey to know life’s plan for them is a whole, new level.


Dedication requires love and honesty. Through these, trust is not so hard to give and receive. Additionally, the other will somehow provide the equal love you gave them – if they feel the same way.


A relationship that has affection, faith, and respect always leads to marriage. Thus, before taking your partner’s hand for an engagement and marriage, Adeva Jewellery, the most recognized wedding ring Philippines and engagement ring Philippines company, created an infographic to assist you how to choose the best promise ring for your partner:

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