Why, then, are prefabricated homes popular? The most obvious reason is that they save time and money – a trip to the lumber yard is no longer necessary to buy new wood, and with the advent of low-cost composite materials, there’s no need for specialized trained carpenters to build a traditional home. In addition, once the home is on the site, all that is required is cutting down the old drywall, applying new sheetrock, and hanging curtains or blinds or other window treatments, replacing any plumbing fixtures, etc. Most of these jobs can be completed in one day, and this fact alone makes prefabricated homes attractive to a wide range of buyers, regardless of their needs.

Of course, not everyone wants a house that’s simply built, and many people would prefer a log home, or a ranch style home, or even a colonial style house. For those who enjoy the look of wood but don’t have the space for a traditional wood home, or who are simply tired of seeing the same styles over (such as Spanish colonial homes), pre-built homes provide an excellent solution. In fact, many people who live in these houses prefer them over traditional houses because they can add additional additions, such as a garage, or even build a second story on the property. In addition, most pre-built homes are on the site ready for construction, and there is no removal of wood, tile, etc., which mean that the person coming to the site will not have to do anything to the house.

And in addition to saving time and money, what are the environmental benefits of prefabricated homes? Pre-built homes are more environmentally friendly than conventional construction, because there is no cutting down of trees or using any products that damage the environment. Also, because the materials are pre-used, there is less waste, and this makes for a healthier community and more environmentally aware builders. Lastly, another reason why pre-built homes are becoming so popular is because they can come in a variety of sizes, allowing families with different needs to find a home that meets their criteria. Finally, with the economy as it is, now more than ever there are individuals and families who want to save money, and one of the best ways to do this is to invest in a prefabricated home.

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