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WhatsApp vs. WeChat vs. Telegram – Who is the World’s Largest Communication Provider?

The world has been so connected now than before due to the invention of telephones that gave birth to wireless voice communication, and then text sending using mobile phones and cellular load—until the internet came and introduced the use of online messaging apps. It only proves that the world’s technology will only get better and better every time. Even despite the worldwide pandemic that started this 2020, a significant surge in messaging apps’ use reached its highest use ever.

The pandemic resulted in increased demands of connecting with families, friends, and colleagues while staying at home. Physical meetings were replaced by video conferencing and voice calls for employees to continue working.

WhatsApp, WeChat, and Telegram are what most people use to update loved ones. And to answer the question, “Who is the world’s largest communication provider?” read on the data below:

Monthly Active Users
         Due to simultaneous community lockdowns worldwide, WhatsApp recorded a 50% increase in calls in 2020 than in 2019. They also recorded the 30th of December as a record-breaking day as it has the highest call record in just one day.

WhatsApp has 2 billion monthly active users, WeChat has 1 billion monthly active users in the record, and Telegram has 400 million monthly active users. One of the reasons why WhatsApp and WeChat have such standing is because of features such as WhatsApp call monitoring and WeChat compliance that companies can use in monitoring a vast number of employees currently in a work-from-home arrangement.

But putting the social media giant Facebook with its Messenger app that is popular in 75 countries across the globe, WhatsApp may have a competition—but it is still a challenging app to contend.

Check out this infographic by TeleMessage to learn more about these apps.


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