Leatherhead News

There are few things that have been happening in the city of Leatherhead. Some of the thing you need to know is.

Leatherhead News
  • People living around Tonbridge and Malling and Tunbridge Wells would be fined or sent to court if they leave their wheelie bins on the road. Collection is also restricted to no further than 10 metres from the point the rubbish truck passes on the road. This information is based on a council report presented at Tonbridge and Malling Boroug Council’s street scene and environment services advisory board on 11th February 2019.
  • The great Milner house that Care UK took over and made impressive investment and redevelopment program to offer it a new style of ground breaking care is now currently undergoing further refurbishing once more. The first floor is currently undergoing a complete renovation and will offer beautifully redecorated bedrooms and amazing communal spaces. Thanks to Care UK home from rescuing this historic home from going into ruins.
  • The new rubbish collections would likely have “teething problems”: The new waste contractors has openly admitted that there may be “teething problems” once operation kicks off. The new company is supposed to take over the cleaning of the street from March 1st at Tonbridge and after a month at Tunbridge Wells. Contract manager for Urbaser, Dan Dibdin, explained that he is well aware of the difficult period the staffs would experience in transiting from one company to the other. The first week would surely have teething problems, he said, but after then there would be full activeness for the contract to meet expectations.
  • A severe accident happened at A219 London northbound around B412 North-Pole Road. There is diversion on that route presently and also affecting London Bus Route 220.
  • There are upcoming events in Leatherhead such as; The Bach to Baby Family Concert (it is a classical concert series for toddlers, babies and their carers. The George Michael Legacy tribute, which will entail the performance of his biggest hit song. A tribute to the falsetto trio, the Bee Gees (Jive Talkin) is also coming up soon. The Lost Voice Guy of Britain’s Got Talent 2018 (Lee Ridley) is also set for a tour which Leatherhead is included. A musical event about the rise, fall and reunion of the everly brother that would feature hits like ‘bye bye love’, ‘all I have to do is dream’, and ‘cathy;s clown’ is also coming up. Russell Kane (an award winning comedian) is going on a tour for his newest show “The Fast ans the Curious”, leatherhead is getting ready to host him Wed 27th Feb 2019.

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